Saturday, February 28, 2009


hellooo people,
this is mireen here ;D

i will try to coordinate with people,
but if its really impossible it will be at town area.
(well i dont wan to waste money on post office)
i'll post the schedule out and you can choose (:
2.ONLY CASH. (by postage, i may lie to u, or sry
u may lie to me too)
3.please send the number code specified
for the clothes. and send thru this format to my acc

(with reasonable amt of ppl meeting tgt)
4.sum of clothes bought. number
6.if u cant meet at scheduled time,
write ur available time slot. i'll try my best okay

4.if you're late for 15mins and abv, u'll
be charged for 1 dollar per minute.
well, i cant wait for everyone can i?
please be considerate. i'll call u if u're late. bargains, this is nt a fish market.
6.however, if u're a regular customer,
who knows? haha (:

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